Comfortable Place

Where teddy bears live a secret life!

If you go down to the river today, you’re in for a big surprise!
Biscuit the bear and all his friends will be there…

It all started with a strange piece of glass…an enchanted piece of glass that began: the ‘vessel of light.’

It’s all in this novel…the whole story! Amazon and Kindle editions

An illustrated taster of the novel: or how the adventure began in the Charity Shop (Thrift Store) Bath, England…

You might think it’s all made up…but it isn’t. Comfortable Place in Bath, England is real…and it is down by the river Avon, I know I lived there and that is where the Bears of Bath all began. Biscuit and his friends live there it’s all true…well some of it.

Comfortable Collectables

Comfortable Place’s very own:
Biscuit the bear is available as a bear making kit.
more details…

coming in 2024: Sherbet and Toffee kits!

Sherbet and Toffee

To celebrate the adventures we have made a collectable set of pin badges to collect.

Toffee, Biscuit and Sherbet…you can just tell there is going to mayhem…can’t you!

Here are the 17 badges…

Biscuit the bear bookmark
Brass 3″ approx

Sherbet bookmark
Brass 3″ approx

Toffee bookmark
Brass 3″ approx

Bear badges (on card as shown) £2.50 each (UK P&P £1.50 1-8 in same padded envelope)
Antique brass effect bookmarks £5.00 each ( UK P&P £1.50 1-3 in same padded envelope)

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